Volume 38 No. 1 – April 2016

Words are not the only way to tell stories, however, and in this edition we also feature the MHM Memory Reconstruction Project, which brought together Holocaust survivors and their families at the Centre to create personal collages to capture survivors’ stories. And, in another example of visual storytelling, Dr Anna Hirsh discusses some of the artworks housed in the Centre’s own wonderful collection of paintings, drawings and sculpture.The April 2016 pre-Pesach edition of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum’s bi-annual publication, Centre News, makes excellent reading. This issue features the text of a presentation by Holocaust survivor and Melbourne Holocaust Museum guide, 94-year old Moshe Fiszman, given in January at the UN Holocaust Memorial Day in which he focuses on the ‘sparks of human kindness, selflessness and compassion’ of one courageous non-Jewish woman who helped him to survive. As well as bringing you his moving testimony, we also feature the account of Saba Feniger’s liberation in May 1945, and Fred Antman’s recollections of life as a refugee in Shanghai.

Dr John Fox has written a thoughtful analysis of Theodore Adorno’s ideas about collective responsibility and their connection to the Holocaust, and Dr Avril Alba discusses the transmission of Holocaust memory to successive generations, and the role of Holocaust museums in doing so.

We hope you enjoy the articles.