Volume 28 No. 2 – August 2006

In this issue:

  • German Chancellor’s Spokesman Answers Centre’s Questions
  • My Vision by Pauline Rockman
  • Exhibition Covers Refugee Experience
  • Resource Kit for Schools
  • Islamic Girls and Women’s Group
  • The Centre’s Mandate by Bernard Korbman (Acting Executive Director & Education Director)
  • Transmitting Holocaust Experiences by Dr. Paul Valent
  • Presentation to Beryl Chitiz (Office Manager) and Family
  • What Do You Remember? You Were A Child! By Eva Marks
  • Catholic Schools’ Holocaust Memorial Service
  • Songs in the Concentration Camps and Ghettos
  • Nazi Fall Guy Sent Thousands to Auschwitz – Review by Stan Marks
  • Book Reviews
  • Research Student’s Centre Reactions by Maria Munzert
  • Absolute Free Speech in Victoria by David Aghion
  • Archives’ Acquisitions
  • Personal Announcements
  • Yiddish by Moshe Ajzenbud

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