Volume 29 No. 2 – August 2007

In this issue:

  • Survivors Enrich Australian Life by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Future by Shmuel Rosenkranz (Immediate Past President)
  • Visitors to the Centre
  • Friends Scholarship and Grant
  • Surviving the Post-Holocaust in Israel by Dr. Natan Kellerman PhD
  • State Governor visits the Centre
  • Book Reviews
  • Launch of Holocaust Testimonies at Monash University
  • Steven Spielberg’s Special Video Message
  • Dr. Doug Greenberg at the Centre
  • Round the Centre’s Departments
  • The International Tracing Service and the Archive Controversy by Lionel Sharpe
  • Volunteers’ Annual Awards
  • Holocaust and Christian / Jewish Theology
  • Don’t Hide the Holocaust from Children & Tell The Children
  • Archives’ Acquisitions
  • Personal Announcements & Future Events
  • Yiddish by Moshe Ajzenbud


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