Volume 27 No. 3 – December 2005

In this issue:

  • Nazi Culture and the German Psyche by Bernard Korbman (Education Director)
  • Deakin University’s Graduate Certificate of Holocaust Studies by Pam Maclean
  • Journalists in Centre Visits and Discussions
  • La Mama Play about Centre Guides and Eichmann
  • Historic World Holocaust Commemoration Day
  • Hitler, Man of the Year, 1938
  • Nazi Propaganda Postcards
  • Dutch Jews and the Holocaust
  • Dutch Railway Company Apologises
  • Students Stress Centre’s Importance
  • Milliions of Paper Clips Remember the Holocaust
  • German Museum Designer Visits The Centre
  • Archives’ Acquisitions
  • Personal Announcements
  • Yiddish by Moshe Ajzenbud


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