Volume 33 No. 2 – September 2011

In this issue:

  • From the President
  • Editor’s Letter
  • Director’s Cut
  • Education
  • Understanding ‘Double Genocide’: a lethal new threat to Holocaust memory and honesty
  • Moshe Ajzenbud: keeping Yiddish alive
  • The future of remembrance
  • Reviving Jewish identity in Poland
  • Forever in our hearts: Child Survivors of the Holocaust art exhibition
  • Remembering the Shoah is not enough
  • Efraim Zuroff: pursuing Nazi war criminals
  • Liberation
  • Journey to the killing fields with Patrick Desbois
  • Conspiracy in Paris, November 1938: medical fraud as a pretext for the Kristallnacht pogrom
  • ‘Woman of Belsen’
  • Three generations of Goldbergs on the March of the Living
  • Presentation of Aboriginal artwork to the Melbourne Holocaust Museum
  • Reflections of an Austrian Holocaust Memorial Servant
  • Reflections of (and on) the past: the MHM Film Club
  • Auschwitz shoes
  • Club MHM
  • Friends of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum
  • Seen around the Centre
  • The birthday party
  • Significance assessment of the Centre’s Lodz Ghetto Collection
  • Stories from the collection
  • Sharing the joy of celebration
  • Mazel tov Maria Lewit OAM
  • Obituaries
  • Community News


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