Volume 35 No. 2 – September 2013

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Our latest edition of Centre News includes a plethora of interesting articles, among them a fascinating piece by Hariz Halilovich, ‘Postcard from Sarajevo,’ a story marked by pathos, empathy and heroism. Dr Bill Anderson, as always, has written an insightful essay, this time on the liquidation of the ghettos, while indomitable Holocaust survivor, Kitia Altman OAM has crafted a fine piece about memories of the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

‘Lost and found at the Salvos’ is a story which has a lovely Melbourne touch and will ‘speak’ to thousands of Melbournians familiar with our community’s past. And those of us familiar with the Raoul Wallenberg ‘saga’ will find both articles about the Swedish diplomat of special interest. And there is so much more! So, if you have not yet had the opportunity to read and enjoy the September edition of Centre News, please take the opportunity to do so.