Volume 37 No. 2 – September 2015

Articles in our April 2015 edition of Centre News cover a broad canvas. Two articles – one historical and the other a personal narrative – focus on Jews who survived the Second World War inside the Soviet Union. Both pieces were written by seasoned academics, Dr John Goldlust and Dr Maria Tamarkin, and make fascinating reading.

The saga of the Jews who survived in Shanghai during World War Two, like the story of those who survived in the Soviet Union, has often been by-passed by historians of the Holocaust era, who tend to focus on Poland, the Balkans, Central and Western Europe. The Melbourne Holocaust Museum, however, has a keen interest in the stories of the ‘Shanghailanders’ and, against the background of the exhibition on Shanghai Jewry currently featured at the MHM, this period in Jewish history is highlighted by Horst Eisfelder who spent the war years as a youngster in Shanghai.

Centre News readers will ‘meet’ Tim Chan, an exceptional young man who, diagnosed with autism at the age of three, has written a ‘must read’ article.

And there is much more!

If you have not yet read and enjoyed the September 2015 edition of Centre News, please take the opportunity to do so.