Voices from the Melbourne Jewish Community

Adele Hulse

About this book
This anthology gives voice to the remarkable variety of experiences that make up the texture of the Melbourne Jewish community. Many of them reflect the fact that Australia had the highest percentage of Holocaust survivors of any diaspora Jewish community in the world. Each voice gives a picture of the family before the war, when life was sweet, so the reader knows what was taken away. Two photos accompany every contribution: when possible, one from the past and a family group from the present – a celebration of the new life they were given.
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The Holocaust
Makor Publications
9781876733698, 0648680517
324 pages
Adele Hulse

Adele Hulse was raised on a farm near Mansfield, in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. She was expelled from a convent boarding school. After studying at university, she travelled the hippie route to Afghanistan and Nepal. In 1974 she met a Buddhist guru and devoted herself to Tibetan Buddhism. She subsequently contributed to water and sanitation programs in Tibetan settlements in India and Nepal for some 18 years.

Adele’s guru encouraged her to become a writer and she did so, writing a column in The Age for 25 years under the name of Sharon Gray. She has also spent 18 years writing a biography of Lama Thubten Yeshe. In 2000 Adele joined the Write Your Story program at Melbourne’s Lamm Jewish Library (formerly Makor), devoting herself to facilitate the publication of Holocaust survivor memoirs. The library has since published 137 memoirs.

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