Come Spring: An Autobiographical Novel

Maria Lewitt OAM

About this book
A young Jewish girl and her family are engulfed by WWII in Warsaw, Poland.  Living in a country house, the adolescent heroine and her family survive on false papers while hiding four of their close relatives.  They cope with waves of German soldiers bursting through their house and the front line fighting in their front garden. The author recreates this inhuman world through the eyes of her adolescent self.  Originally published in 1980 to rave reviews, and here re-issued with an introduction by Professor Richard Freadman, this superb testament to heroism is now available to a new generation of readers.
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The Holocaust
090801175X, 9780908011759
Maria Lewitt OAM

Maria Lewitt is a Melbourne writer, author of No Snow in December and numerous award-winning short stories.

Born Maria Markus in 1924 in Lodz to a middle-class Jewish family, Maria and her older sister, Eugenia, grew up in a cultured home with books, music, and governesses. Most of the pupils at the private high school they attended were Jewish. Maria married Julian Lewitt in 1944 and immigrated to Australia in 1949. In Australia, Maria worked on a poultry farm and as a seamstress and machinist. She also cofounded and operated several businesses including a bakery and milk bar. Maria started volunteering at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum in 1996.

Apart from the separation from her beloved family, the greatest grief Maria experienced in migrating was her exile from her native language and literature, which she could not share with her children.

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