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Eva Marks CSH and a highly qualified Craft teacher created and facilitated the CSH patchwork wall hanging.CSH members were invited to decorate a square with the theme being Remembrance.

CSH Paulette Goldberg, post-war Paris trained seamstress, volunteered to sew the Tableau together; it took a year for the individual squares to be completed.

An event was organised to launch the Remembrance Tableau, it was well attended by CSH and their families.

Alice Halasz
Anna Gouttman (Etenberg)
Anne Handelsman (Braun)
Bernadette Gore (Szkop)
Celia Widawski (Wald)
Danial Kagan
Danial Kagan
Dany Gros (Klein)
Elyane Hoffman (Beja)
Eva Frenkel (Singh)
Eva Marks (Mass)
Eva Slonim (Weiss)
Floris Kalman (Gryfenberg)
Frankie Paper (Szkop)
Halina Leitch (Fajnwaks)
Henri Korn
Lily Burrows (Fajnwaks)
Lucien Nudel
Marietta Elliot (Kleerkoper)
Nina Stone (Schindler)
Paul Valent
Paulette Goldberg (Szabason)
Rita Eisler (Vodak)
Rona Zinger (Rosenthal)
Shoshana Lowen
Susan Vati (Demeter)
Sylvia Migdalek (Andacht)