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Program Details

Type: Virtual resource
Recommended age: Levels 8–12


Launch program


Meet 26 Melbourne-based Holocaust survivors in this interactive program.

Understanding through Testimony showcases one-minute extracts of our survivor testimonies through the specific phases of the Holocaust.

These firsthand accounts add individual voices to a collective experience – and will help you understand the impact of the Holocaust events on the Jewish people.

Best viewed on a tablet or computer.


A look at history through individual lenses

The Understanding through Testimony project was a result of our education goal to humanise history by using survivor stories.

It features compilations of testimonies that focus on the five Holocaust phases:

  1. The rise of Nazism
  2. Outbreak of the war
  3. Ghettos
  4. The camps
  5. Survival and life after


Each phase contains 7 to 12 extracts of survivor testimonies relating to this timeline. Together, they provide an overview of the Holocaust – and its impact on the Jewish people.

The survivors were of different countries and ages when the Holocaust began. Listen to their personal stories, memories and experiences of these events.

Awards and recognition

  • MAPDA 2021, Program Website (Winner)
  • Victorian Community History Awards 2021, The Oral History Award (Shortlisted)
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  • Child Safety Commitment

    At the MHM, we are committed to providing a child-safe environment. We support and respect all children and young people – and their safety and wellbeing are our priority.

    Our practices are inspired by Holocaust victim Henryk Goldszmit, who published the ‘Declaration of Children’s Rights’ in 1928 under the pen name Janusz Korczak.

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Understanding through Testimony is absolutely fantastic. This is perfectly suited to schools who want to teach the Holocaust in just a few lessons. Short enough to easily fit into any lesson plan. Well-curated, giving an excellent picture of a range of experiences, showing the development of the Holocaust over time.”

Head of History Teacher

What to expect in Understanding through Testimony

Manager 5 – 12 Education, Curriculum and Programs Tracey Collie provides a sneak peek into what to expect in this program, and how it works.