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To help continue the work of our testimonies department, please consider donating any amount – large or small – in honour of Phillip’s birthday, using the link below. Your generosity ensures we can continue to record survivor testimonies and make them available for education and research purposes.

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Phillip holding his camera

As Phillip turns 100, join us in honouring the impact of the Phillip Maisel testimony collection.

This is my responsibility and my privilege: to be custodian of their memories, to be able to pass their stories on to the next generation – for me, this will be the greatest miracle of all.

Volunteering at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum for more than 30 years, Phillip has recorded survivor testimonies and preserved their voices. Each testimony of survival is a miracle in itself – earning Phillip the nickname the Keeper of Miracles. 

In 2021, Phillip was interviewed by Dr. Stephen Smith MBE, former executive director of USC Shoah Foundation in Los Angeles, whose Visual History Archive holds 53,000 testimonies of eyewitnesses to the Holocaust and other genocides. 

We invite you to join us in celebrating Phillip’s birthday with a special screening of that interview, and hear Phillip and Stephen discuss Phillip’s work, his legacy, and the lessons of survivor testimony. 

The Keeper of Miracles

Phillip’s deeply moving, healing and inspiring memoir shows us the cathartic power of storytelling and reminds us never to underestimate the impact of human kindness.

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Phillip's book 'The Keeper of Miracles'
Phillips filming a survivor's testimony

The Phillip Maisel Testimonies Project

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum began collecting audio testimonies of Holocaust survivors in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, with the purchase of a video camera, the Video Testimonies Project was launched. Phillip Maisel began volunteering for the project and immediately recognised the enormity of the challenge as a race against the passage of time and the ageing of survivors. He made it his goal to interview as many survivors as possible and dedicated himself tirelessly to the task. The over 1400 testimonies now in the MHM collection are a testament to his energy and perseverance.

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