Everybody Had a Name

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum (MHM) will reopen its doors to the public in mid 2023. We are proud to serve the public not only as a museum but as a dedicated memorial site for Victorian families with a connection to the Holocaust.

With this in mind, we are establishing a digital memorial for our community to honour their loved ones by eternalising their names for future generations. With the information provided, we are creating a Victorian Registry of Holocaust survivors, which will provide families with the opportunity to honour both those who survived and those who were murdered during the Holocaust.

The names provided to Melbourne Holocaust Museum will be displayed in our digital memorial free of charge.

Our new memorial room, designed by Architect Stephen Jolson, will also display  memorial-star plaques for families wishing to honour their loved ones with a physical tribute. These memorial stars will be available to the public by way of donation.

"Our concept is to celebrate the individuals behind the enormity of the collective of six million Jews. To humanise the scale of the atrocity, to recognise the individual victims; and to recognise the survivors, the individuals who not only made it through the atrocity but are responsible for establishing the vibrancy of the thriving Melbourne Jewish Community"

- Stephen Jolson, Principal Architect of Jolson Architects

"The memorial room will provide a place of quiet reflection on the experience of victims of the Holocaust. It will also act as a tangible illustration that, even as generations pass, we will never forget their names, and their voices will live on through the Melbourne community."

- Jayne Josem, MHM CEO

"For Melbourne Holocaust survivors, it is a space to mourn their murdered loved ones, many of whom have no graves. It is a place for future generations to take on the custodianship of memory."

- Pauline Rockman OAM, MHM co-president

For any questions please email donate@mhm.org.au.